Hi there! My name is Monica Olmo. As a designer, I specialize in assisting small businesses worldwide by creating clean and effective Graphic and Web Designs. I focus on providing each client with fresh, innovative and up-with-the-times ideas, ensuring that each website is inviting, business-effective and user-friendly.

Being unique, ground-breaking, and stylish is what matters in the bustling web world. I make it my goal to create and improve companies' websites to not only fit the brand, but to enhance and redefine the design so that your website is sure to stand out among the rest.

Based in New York City, I acquired experience at various reputable companies in which I excelled as both the web and graphic designer. My time at AAA.com, Creativa, Wind Up Records, paired with an Art Institute of New York City education, provided the necessary tools and understanding that catapulted the start of my freelance career, and so Olmo Designs was born.

You can check out some of my work here, first-hand.