How To Fix PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Blue Screen Error windows

Fix PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Error:- One of the numerous well known Blue screen mistakes is the PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Error Blue screen blunder. The PFN is the contraction for Page Frame Number database that comprises of records which speak to the physical memory of pages of the Windows framework. At the point when this PFN is defiled, your PC won’t work appropriately through itself and afterward will emerge the Blue screen blunder.

To understand this issue, we have referenced three unique techniques in this article and furthermore the most plausible reasons of this issue through which you can know which strategy to suggest on your PC


Technique 1:- Check for Faulty RAM

Technique 2:- Update all drivers

Technique 3:- Check for an adulterated hard drive

Primary concern:-

The potential purposes behind which you will be demonstrated the blue screen PFN_LIT_CORRUPT mistake on your screen are as per the following:-

Defective RAM.

Out-dated Device Drivers.

Tainted Hard plate/drive.


Given beneath are 3 strategies dependent on the reasons given above through which you can understand this blue screen mistake.

Technique 1:- Check for Faulty RAM

Slam is the truncation for Random Access Memory. This is a sort of information stockpiling of Computer. You can check for flawed RAM through the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.

Stage 1:- Press Windows logo key and R Key both simultaneously in order to open the Run box.

Stage 2:- Now type-mdsched.exe and afterward pick OK.

Stage 3:- Then Restart and search for issues.

Stage 4:- The Windows Memory Diagnostic device will presently show up on the screen. Keep it for what it’s worth and see for the outcomes a couple of moments later.

Stage 5:– No restart Windows and check whether the blue screen mistake is currently comprehended.

This ought to have unraveled your PFN_LIST_CORRUPT issue however in the event that not, at that point you can go to the following strategy for anticipated outcomes.

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Technique 2:- Update all drivers

One of the most plausible purposes behind the PFN_LIST_CORRUPT blunder could be an old obsolete driver programming. You can, in such cases, understand the blunder by refreshing all the drivers of your gadget.

You can refresh the drivers either physically or consequently. By visiting the maker’s site you can refresh the drivers for your gadget.

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Strategy 3:- Check for a debased hard drive

An adulterated hard drive might be one potential explanation behind the PFN_LIST_CORRUPT blunder. To determine this issue, follow the means given underneath:-

Stage 1:- In the Start Menu, Right Click on the Command Prompt.

Stage 2:- Choose Run as the director.

Stage 3:- Then snap Yes when asked by User Account Control.

Stage 4:- Next, enter chkdsk/f in it and afterward press the Enter catch of your console.

Stage 5:- The filtering strategy of your gadget hard plate will presently be begun to search for any defilement. This will later consequently fix the blunder.

Main concern:-

Expectation all of you found the article of utilization in unraveling the PFN_LIST_CORRPUT issue. If there should arise an occurrence of any questions, benevolently leave your inquiries in the remark area beneath. We will be happy to help all of you. Continue visiting our page Android Jungles for all the more such tech related articles or you can likewise buy in to our bulletin to get ideal warnings of our posts.

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